I love Katie Reus’s Red Stone Security Series!! They are full of testosterone alpha males protecting their own no matter what. As much as there’s plenty of action and thrill, I love the way they are one big family, not that blood is what’s important, but relationships made from the heart bring the members and family of the Red Stone Security together and they kick ass when needed. UnderHisProtection-KatieReus-Sept2014

The latest addition to the Red Stone Team is Ivan – big, bulky and all soft in the inside. A loner by nature, he joins Red Stone and the entire team as a family got his six covered. And he ends up falling in love with Julieta, a lingerie shop owner, family to the Red Stone team, witty and charming and victim of a stalker. When Julieta’s life is threatened from an unknown stalker, Ivan jumps in to protect her, and both end up under the same roof. A perfect arrangement to test their attraction, sizzling between them.

I can never get bored of Katie’s characters. Under His Protection” is another enjoyable read of charm, passion, danger and love. It keeps you guessing as to whom the stalker is and Ivan and Jules make an endearing pair.