M Stewart is a brand new author in my list and Risking It All is my first read of hers.

Kyle Morgan and Cecilia Anton have been childhood friends and have always supported and protected each other through the years. Somewhere along their journey in their small town, Kyle realizes his feelings for Cece go beyond the brotherly genre and he’s doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship by admitting his feelings. Cece is left stranded by her boyfriend when he comes to know she’s pregnant and ends on Kyle’s doorstep for help.


Risking It All is a sweet story of a protector and gentleman Kyle who wants to do the right thing for his friend. It is a charming story of lovable and caring Cece, as she tries to understand her mixed feelings towards her childhood friend and deal with the nightmares that seem to haunt her. Risking It All is a pleasant ride of two beautiful individuals risking their friendship to make a future, as they put a closure to a present clouded in mystery and lay the past to rest.

A definite and enjoyable read.