Delores Fossen’s second book in her series Sweetwater Ranch is as good and adrenaline pumping story as the first. “Cowboy Behind The Badge” offers another heady rush of suspense and thrill.

Texas Ranger Tucker McKinnon sure wasn’t looking for trouble when Laine Braddock breaks into his house and he definitely was not looking for double trouble when he sees Laine is hiding two adorable newborns in his pantry. From the time he finds Laine, Tucker is thrown into triple trouble as he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the twins.

Laine Braddock, a psychiatrist, is thrown into a whirlwind of danger the minute she is thrust with the safety of the newborns and witnesses the murder of the twins’ mother. She has no other choice but get to the sanctuary of Tucker, if she wants to live to take care of the babies.


Tucker and Laine have a history together before a murder puts them on two sides of the fence. Yet as they fight together to save the babies, they discover that the spark between them was never doused and the passion kindles into a fire. A fire that they have to control to save the babies and put an end to a baby adoption farm gone the evil way.

Page after page of suspense, twists and danger is what Delores gives us in her second book in the series. Trust and support are tested, integrity and love stands trial and passion and justice wins it all. Tucker and Laine are two strong individuals and make one kick-ass couple. I liked the fact that the characters got more attention and more personality invested in them.

A sparkling five star enjoyable read!