After Cynthia Eden, Donna Grant is my to go to author for some sinful paranormal, sensual legends, fiery protectors and smoldering passion. Her writings are creative and charmingly addictive leaving us heady and intoxicated.

I am fascinated with her narration because I can feel her heart and soul in every word she pens, creating some brilliant stories around Dark Kings, Druids, Faes and of realms unknown, intermingling old legends with contemporary lives, to take us on a magical journey into worlds unknown.


Burning Desire is book#4 in her Dark Kings Series as Kiril, a Dragon King travels to Cork, Ireland, the Land Of The Dark, to search for a missing friend Rhi, the Light Fae. Knowing that the Dark Fae wants to capture and break him into revealing secrets guarded by the Dragon Kings, his mission is to get to Rhi, despite the sensual bait sent his way.

Shara belongs to one of the most powerful Dark families and her mission is to lure Kiril into the Dark lair, to prove her worth and get her family’s acceptance. But meeting Kiril brings out a desire that is unexplainable and emotions that put her on the fence of light and dark, right and wrong, loyalty and love.

With all cards open on deck, Kiril can’t control his fiery desire for Shara knowing very well the danger he is heading into trusting a Dark Fae, and Shara is ready to sacrifice her life to help Kiril be safe. Now it is left to the fates if Kiril and Shara can escape the doom of the Dark that threatens their lives to make a future in the sanctuary of the Dark Kings, the Protectors.

Donna Grant’s stories are embodiment of intrigue, excitement and fascination, making us ache for more, burn for more and yearn for more!

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.