Kristan Higgins has such an aura of joy and humor around her, it transcends into her books. Her stories always leave me with a healthy dose of realism and warm fuzzies wrapped in a cocoon. Reading her books is one of my guilty pleasures.

In Your Dreams is the fourth in her “Blue Heron Series” and takes us, up close and personal with Jack Holland and Emmaline Neal as they pair up together to go to Malibu to attend Emmaline’s ex-fiancé’s wedding. And I tell you, Kristan did a fine job of sketching that &$*%$%# of a Kevin!!!!!

Jack is the quintessential Prince Charming, knight in shining armor and loves rescuing damsels in distress with absolutely no expectations. Since the rescue of four teenagers from a car crash into the lake, he’s been elevated to the status of a hero and is not helping him as he battles PTSD, and keeps ignoring it. Into this mayhem comes his ex-wife wanting him back, and he is one frustrated place in his life. Going away with Emmaline to the wedding is his way of an escape not realizing that, that trip is coming up with its own set of sweet problems and he seems to be seeing Emmaline and her sweet butt with a set of new eyes!


Emmaline is the Deputy of Blue Heron, independent, sassy, kind and liked by everyone. Going away with Jack as her friend to attend her ex-fiancé’s wedding is one way pure torture, but at the same time she gets to know Jack well. The inevitable attraction lands them in bed together. As much as she blames this temporary insanity to chocolate and wine, she knows in her heart she is falling for Jack Holland. And Jack with his knight in shining armor does not make it any easy as his ex-wife seems to be everywhere, every place snagging his attention.

With his coven of sisters encouraging, butting and driving him nuts, Jack needs to re-evaluate his feelings for Emmaline as he needs more than a friendship with her. And Emmaline needs to let go of her insecurities and fear of getting hurt again, believe in Jack and give him her heart.

Witty, humor, sassy and unconditional support is what “In Your Dreams” is made of. It brings out the various facets of relationships and family as they bind you with loyalty, empathy and love.

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review