I’ve always enjoyed reading Sharon Sala and her Rebel Ridge Series is a one such great work, and not to mention the Forces Of Nature Series.

The Forces Of Nature Series is a group of three special FBI agents chasing the evil called the Stormchaser in the aftermath of a hurricane in Louisiana. Going Once and Going Twice are the first two in this series and Going Gone is the last in the series.


Barely surviving a plane crash in the mountains of Colorado, Laura Doyle has the lingering fear for her life. Despite reassurances by her lover Cameron Winger, she still gets nightmares and suffers PTSD. As she gets better, and looks forward to her life with her fiancé Cameron, she accidentally gets into the eye of the Stormchaser leading to a spree of killings with Laura as his final target.

As Cameron along with his FBI buddies Wade and Tate try to chase down the evil, the Stormchaser is weaving a web of evil with Laura in the center. Months have passed and not knowing how he looks is not making it any easy to catch him.

Going Gone is a fitting end to another thrilling series from Sharon Sala. A definite winner!!!

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.