This is my first read of Lynette Eason, and her new book “The Lawman Returns”, may not be her very best. I’ve gone through her books and she’s got books with reviews over a 1000 for some. So the jury is still out there, from my side.

“The Lawman Returns” is set in Wrangler’s Corner, a small town in Tennessee. Clarke Starke returns to his hometown as a Deputy and is hell bent on getting to the bottom of mystery surrounding his brother’s death, who was a deputy. Sabrina Mayfield is a social worker, trying not to repeat the mistakes her mother made, and stick to her profession of helping children.


Circumstances and a killer on the loose bring Clarke and Sabrina together and eventually get under one roof, as they try to uncover the face behind the evil and the meth that seems to be making its presence strong. Loyalty and love are tested, as past pain and hurt bring some emotional outbursts and feelings into the open.

It has a good story, but unfortunately it seems to be told in a very fast and confusing narration. The attraction between Clarke and Sabrina seems to be forced and too soon. Individually their characters are likeable, but the process of developing feelings for each other was not given enough justice. It is still a good book to read, it just fell below my expectations.

Having said that, I just went and bought Lynette Eason’s “Too Close To Home” (Woman Of Justice Series #1).

Received and ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.