Karen Whiddon is another first for me ad so is her latest release, “A Secret Colton Baby” of her series The Coltons: Return To Wyoming.

Theo Colton literally gets saddled with a baby, dropped off by his socialite girlfriend, and ends up dying with a mysterious virus. His new cook Ellie Park inevitably ends becoming the nanny of the baby.

Theo moves back home after sustaining a severe back injury in one his rodeo competitions, and is taking care of the family ranch. Ellie Park is running away from a stalker and ends up at Theo’s ranch as a cook, but unfortunately the stalker follows her.


Sparks fly between Theo and Ellie, as they try to adjust to the addition of a new member to the Colton clan. Between trying to find the stalker wanting to kill Ellie, to an unknown virus that seems to be taking the lives of people in Dead River, and raising a baby, there seems to be a lot happening in Dead River.

Unfortunately, the various dynamics seem to rob the story of its essence and no single aspect of the story seems to be properly developed. Mind you, it’s not a bad story or a boring read. It’s just that there are people everywhere, incidents everywhere and too much happening everywhere. A lot of things seem to be cramped into a shorter version. It would have made a great book, if the story was developed properly into a longer version, the characters were given the right progression and development and the story would have been a great read.

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review