Declan’s been a lot of things in his life – Marine. Bodyguard. Security Expert. And let’s not forget the Player, Heartbreaker and an occasional Asshole.


But, been a first grade teacher sure takes the cake!!! And that too as an undercover security job corralling a bunch of rumbustious six-year olds. Clueless!!!!

And SHE is an actual teacher. Determined to uncover Declan’s real story. She doesn’t trust him, and her daughter doesn’t like him either.

So, now instead of being the tough guy, he’s stuck with rowdy children, Christmas pageants and he is falling in love with everyone and everything including her!

It’s definitely not the way he thought he would be spending Christmas.

Book three of The Protector Series, co-written by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams, coming November 4, 2014, taking us on a forever ride of sweet romance and suspense, with Declan and his mysterious teacher….Forever Bound