I rarely read Beverly Barton (not by choice mind you), and the handful that I’ve read have been very impressive. Her latest release, “I’ll Be Watching You”, is another brilliant thriller with a combination of passion, evil and suspense.

Reed Conway returns to Spring Creek, AL on parole, after being imprisoned for the murder of his stepfather. His main goal is to stay out of trouble and try to find the real killer to prove his innocence. Prison life had turned Reed into a strong and fearless guy, breathing nothing but getting exonerated.


Ella Porter is the Spring Creek Court Judge, tormented by a stalker. The adopted daughter of Senator Webb Porter and his wife Carolyn, she is the princess of her father’s eye. Always one to bend backwards to put others needs in front of her; she is the dutiful daughter who crosses the line by falling in love with white trash. Yet, she rebelliously sticks to her guts, at the same time ensuring that her father is aware of her love and her place.

Reed and Ella come together as the flare of passion ignites into flames, and a killer is on the loose wanting to send Reed back into prison. Ella believes in Reed’s innocence, and convinces her father to reopen the murder case from fifteen years ago. As they try to get to the bottom of the mystery, someone is hell bent on keeping the past secrets from been revealed and take them to the grave.

“I’ll Be Watching You” is just not a thriller. It is a brilliant narration of relationships explored and circumstances that make people act on them. It takes you on a journey with people who have become victims to love and obsession, secrets buried deep in a tight knit community where money and power take precedence, retribution and unrequited love. It also explores the dynamics of families as the members struggle to cope with the reality of the family connections, misplaced loyalties and support, lust and passion, revenge and sickness.

Beverly Barton does a fine job of keeping the suspense going in every page as she narrates the story through the main players, and keeps the interest going trying to deduce the killer.

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.