Kathleen Brooks is one firecracker of a writer and pens some real entertaining and delightful stories. Her characters make us fall in love with them, in all their perfectly imperfect glory!

Her new series, “Women Of Power” is a power-pack trilogy of three amazing women, who have made their presence in a so-called man’s world. Women who step right up to the plate for what they want, avoiding drama and not wasting on unimportant things, with focus and dedication.


“Chosen For Power” is book#1 in the series with Elle Simpson, at the helm of Simpson Global, a multi-million dollar conglomerate. Wearing clothes of dignity, perseverance and empathy, she built a successful empire of solid foundation with the bricks thrown at her, fulfilling her father’s dream with the unconditional support of her family. A dream, that is been threatened now with danger lurking in the shadows to strike her down.

 Drake Charles is a wealthy and powerful force behind a fast growing mobile technology, but keeps himself hidden from the public and media. As mysterious as his identity, every year he hosts an annual masquerade ball for charity, hoping he would find his woman for eternity, to love him and not his wealth.

Elle and Drake meet behind the masks at the ball and fall in love. Drake is a confident business man, not empowered by Elle’s power, and he believes that women are meant to be loved and sets forth to prove it. Successful Elle may be strong, yet is not afraid to show her weakness, vulnerability or fear as she tries to get to the bottom of the danger to her and family.

Charismatic narration, witty humor with Margaret and Shirley leading that end, immeasurable love and support among the family members, and undeniable passion and chemistry between Elle and Drake, makes “Chosen For Power” a fabulous read, and to be re-read….many more times!

BuiltForPower2-KathleenBrooks-OCt 2014

The second book in the series, “Built For Power”, has the sassy and energetic Bree Simpson butting heads with the charming architect Logan Ward.

Bree heads the Simpson Constructions, and is facing major delays and threats in her new project and blames Logan Ward for it. Logan Ward is tired of the harassing calls from B. Simpson and decides to fly down to Atlanta, and face the devil and set things right.

Logan ends up saving Bree from a construction accident, and sparks fly as they get to know each other. With danger hovering over Bree, he decides to stay back and smooth things and test the waters with Bree and a future.

I love when alpha men are confident of themselves and their powerful partners, giving them the room to pursue their own careers, and ready to support and help when needed. And I love when they are assertive and ready to be the first ones to confess their feelings.  Logan is such a sweetheart and Bree sure keeps him on his toes.

“Built For Power” is another fast and passionate story as Logan and Bree are ready to build their future together. Kathleen Brooks does an amazing job of penning her characters to a T, that you really can’t find anything wrong with their perfect imperfections.