Christmas’s always been a magical time of the year. It is perhaps the only time that people actually follow their natural impulses and express their true feelings and sentiments. With a smile on lips, and a heart open to the people we care, Christmas is possibly, the one time a guy can be himself, without being silly or self-conscious.

And maybe, just “Maybe This Christmas”, Tyler O’Neil can finally confess to himself and to Brenna Daniels, of his feelings he has for her, and had for the longest of time. From being a pro skier competing with the slopes and speed of destiny to becoming a Father to his teenage daughter Jess, Tyler has gone through years of pain, torment and anguish for what he had lost and what had become of his life. But with Jess in his life, he now has a purpose to reform and be a permanent Dad and a role model for his daughter. And when he is sure of something and wants it, he goes for it with an explosion of passion and commitment.


Brenna Daniels literally grew up with the O’Neil’s since a kid and has loved Tyler that long. His name is carved into her heart; she accepts it with certainty as she accepts the fact that Tyler will always see her as his life-long friend and confidante, and nothing more. What is Christmas without some helpful and meddling elves, and Brenna and Tyler end up under one roof, much to the delight of the little imp Jess! And the sparks are being stoked…

From her first book in the O’Neil Brothers series, “Sleigh Bells In the Snow” (Jackson/Kayla), to her second “Suddenly Last Summer” (Sean/Elise) to her third, “Maybe This Christmas”, Sarah Morgan has grown by leaps and bounds with her writing. Not that she isn’t a good writer to begin with; it was different with this series. When I read her first book, I felt that she was holding something back, and with her second book; there was an openness and brevity in her expression. But the third is her best and my personal favorite, with her complete lack of inhibition in expressing feelings and dialogue for Tyler and Brenna.

Sarah Morgan does a tremendous job of creating a perfectly imperfect relationship with his daughter (hilarious and reminds me of the time my 12 yr. old asked her Dad what kind of flavored condoms he had used!!!!) as he tests the feelings between Brenna and him. I felt her heart and soul in every word she wrote! Both Tyler and Brenna are complex characters, but Sarah does a brilliant job of drawing out their emotions in equal parts. Clothed in layers of insecurity and uncertainty, tremors of rocking a solid friendship, Tyler and Brenna try to stay clear of those embers of passion and love, before it becomes a raging fire.

But it’s the season of magic and mistletoes, hot chocolate and twinkling lights, meddling family and support, love and laughter; all gearing up for the biggest wedding on the slopes of Snow Crystal Chalet.

Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.