This is one of those really rare moments for me, of reading a debutant writer and appreciating her fabulous foray into becoming an outstanding writer/author. Mentored by Lori Wild (another writer I love to read), Rachel Lacey has done a beautiful job of unleashing her talent with her first book “Unleashed” the first in her Love To Rescue Series, and I can’t wait to dig into her second book already.

Unleashed-RachelLacey-Oct 2014

Cara Medlen is a wonderful nanny and a fanatical foster rescuer of animals, with a side of becoming a brilliant photographer. With a heart of gold and an ever-helping hand, Cara along with her friend Merry, is hell bent on saving and fostering as many animals as possible, even if it lands them into trouble. But she is on a 10-year plan of making things permanent in her life, be it her career, owning an animal, or getting attracted to a man, let alone her handsome neighbor. With only two more years left in her 10-year plan, she doesn’t count on falling for her sexy and helpful neighbor, and a lover of animals too!

Matt Dumont is a private investigator trying to wrap up one last case before moving home to be close to his ill mother. But the attractive animal lover next door is giving him sleepless nights and making his departure so much more difficult. With a past betrayal and pain still fresh, Matt wants to stay away from the funny, gorgeous and caring animal lover, but fate seems to have a different plan for him.

Circumstances land them under one roof, and the flickering passion ignites into flames that both can’t resist. Even as they confess their feelings for each other, their lives seem to be on different paths. As a past painful issue rears its ugly head, will Cara be able to let Matt support her with his love and understanding, and will Matt be able to put her fears to rest by giving his trust and heart to Cara.

A wonderful story brimming with so much laughter, positivity and love that you can’t help fall in love with Cara and Matt. Rachel Lacey is definitely on my list of repeat writers.

Looking forward to the sassy Merry Atwater in “For Keeps”