Erin Nicholas in the spirit of Christmas gets her readers into the spirit of Sapphire Falls and its enchanting holiday season. Many a love stories have been made in Sapphire Falls, and many a happy endings we have read.


Levi Spencer ends up in Sapphire Falls to recuperate from a car accident, and rethink his priorities in life. Kate Leggot comes to lose herself in the charming town of Sapphire Falls, and at the behest of her friend Phoebe, spend her first ever Christmas of her life here. Levi and Kate meet under mistaken identities and end up with sparks igniting between them. In between staying in the same house, decorations, hot chocolate and a fireplace, they end up falling for each other, insecurities, doubts and all.

Now if Erin Nicholas makes me want to laugh, shake my head, blush, roll my eyes, giggle, flush, then who am I not to enjoy all those emotions along with Levi and Kate. If Erin Nicholas wants to give me a lesson in the right use of a candy cane, then I’m all ears, and here’s hoping she’ll give me many more of those interesting lessons!

Getting In The Spirit” is an absolutely adorable love story, perfect for the holiday season, with sparkles of passion and the magic of love!