The reign of the Dark Protectors has come a full circle. Marked marks a fitting end to the war waged in the Realm and for peace to become the norm of life.

Janet Kayrs Paulsen has been prophesized to be the game-changing piece in the big war in the Realm, between the evil and the good. And Zane Kyllwood as the warrior soldier, strategizing to bring peace into the Realm, and destined to be mated with Janet, is a breed apart from others.

Zane and his Janie Belle have been friends in their dream world forever, and seeing each other in real world, actually rocks the very foundation of their friendship and a future that they may not be part of. Even as the Realm fights to save the innocent and bring peace, Zane and Janie have to endure love, separation and the pain of not being together as each is faced with responsibilities tied with their positions. Even as the Dark Protectors fight to save their mates from a deadly virus, and find a cure, loyalties are tested and trust becomes a premium commodity.


“Marked” is an amazing, amazing narration of the Dark Protectors and their unconditional love and support for their loved ones. It is a brilliant story of two individuals, who under dire circumstances, try to find humor as they fight to keep their love alive. And it is an impressive story of family, friends and allies finding a way to fight the deadly virus and the evil plaguing the Realm, and surviving fatalities to bring that peace.

And it is a glorious ending as Zane and Janie lay down the foundation of peace in the Realm.

As much as I ‘m sad to see the Dark Protectors passing on the reign, I am looking forward to the Realm Enforcers, who just may be the new heroes trying to protect the innocent, and keep the peace that Zane and his Janie Belle have fought so hard for.

No words can describe this story and no words or reviews would do any justice. It has to be read personally, line by line, lived through Zane and Janie’s eyes, event by event, and enjoy the sheer perfection of this story, dialogue by dialogue.