I don’t recall reading Sawyer Bennett before, and she turns out to be my kind of writer and her upcoming “With A Twist” sure made me add her to my list of repeat writers to read.

Book four of her Last Call Series, takes us into the underworld of sex slavery with Wyatt Banks deep undercover to bring the leader to justice. Along comes Andrea Somerville, an FBI agent brought in undercover to lure the kingpin and help Wyatt take them down.


Fast paced, danger and adrenaline race to save the innocent woman, and add fiery attraction and sizzling chemistry between Wyatt and Andrea, we have one heck of a pulse- jumping story. Working deep undercover with close proximity only ignites the protectiveness for Andrea, and his tender touches and glances, only brings out the passionate woman hiding in Andrea.

In romantic suspense stories, typically there is plenty of aftermath of a covet operation. But I found it a welcome change when Andrea and Wyatt explore their feelings albeit strenuous situations. I found it to be a very pleasant surprise when Wyatt and Andrea actually take their romance at a slow pace, with family supporting them and friends bringing Andrea into their inner circle. And I loved Sawyer Bennett for giving importance to the circle of friends and family.

“With A Twist” is a definite winner for me, and I have to play catch up with the rest of the Last Call Series. “With A Twist” releases January 6, 2015.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.