Can the Chesapeake Series be anything but sweet and warm? And can the O’Brien’s leave alone any of its residents from finding love and a happily ever after?

“Dogwood Hill” is book 12 of Chesapeake Series, and Sherryl Woods weaves another story of romance, trust and support and what seems to be the essence of Chesapeake Shores. No one can escape the magic of Chesapeake Shores, the wonderful and meddling residents of Chesapeake Shores and the dominating and lovable O’Brien’s!!!!


Ex-pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell comes to Chesapeake Shores, when the position for the high school coach opens up. But with the new lease of life, also come doubts and insecurities of coming to the beautiful town to get some answers of his roots. Handsome, protective and lovable, meeting Liz March makes up his mind of staying back in Chesapeake Shores, and when he gets roped in to become the owner of a dog, his destiny has been sealed.

Liz March has been living in Chesapeake Shores for a few months, creating a new life far away from North Carolina and leaving behind painful memories. She runs the pet store “Pet Style” and is taken into the warmth and love of the O’Brien’s. Beautiful, sassy and tenacious, especially when it comes to taking care of animals, she falls for the handsome Aidan for his wonderful support and compassion towards the students as well as his tenacity in wooing Liz, and trying to assuage her fears and insecurities.

Another romantic story of two beautiful people meant to be together for life, as they work the around the secrets, fears and insecurities plaguing them. Sherryl Woods has given us another amazing story of love, romance and magic – perfect for the holidays.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for an honest review