As another year gets ready to write it’s final lines of its existence, leaving behind memories of pain and loss, of gain and recovery, of mistakes and hurt, I’ve learned to embrace the small blessings bestowed on me, of the tiny pleasures of daily life, and the sweet smiles of loved ones, of the helping hands and the constants in life; grateful, appreciative and thankful!

This year has been a steady flow of mending fences, bringing sanity to minds, re-laying foundation for fledglings and re-evaluating selves. I’ve re-connected with a childhood passion of reading and writing that took me through a doorway into a whole new world; a world that gave me immense personal satisfaction and brought me in touch with some charming and beautiful personalities. And these very personalities and creative artists have decorated my life with their charisma and friendship.

I may have mentioned several times, and will continue to do so; to me love is a journey of the good with the bad, the pain with the cure, and the ups with the downs, going forward and together. And my mate indeed made his presence known stronger than concrete and reclaimed the crown of my eternal soul mate! He has been a bull with a goal to solidify the foundation and single-mindedly went about it. With his many quirks, patience and understanding, he’s managed to keep his sassy, charming, beautiful gem of a wife right next to him ;).

My daughters have blossomed into two amazing human beings, who have made me proud and I shall always be eternally grateful for their presence in my life. With their typical teenage oddities, many idiosyncrasies, non-stop questions about life and their fanatical obsession with One Direction, they keep us entertained, muddled, annoyed and rooted!!! And lots of times I wonder with my husband, how a dysfunctional couple like us have managed to parent these two charming daughters.

No trades offered for them!!!! J

And now, here I’m again, a couple of years later, more than half way down on this wonderful path called my life, reminiscing some could haves and should haves, yet not regretting things that have happened and have learned not to confuse sadness with any regrets. A different person, hopefully a better person, and with a wish to pass on some warmth, empathy and compassion where it is needed, I hope to be there for the people in need.

My belief that things happen for a reason, and with life throwing its usual curve balls, choices will be made, futures may be different, journey will be destined and fate will take us on a ride that already has been decided……as always. We are just players on the stage of that life, and we are entitled to all the surprises that come our way. And I’ve realized that sometimes not everyone can be a part of my journey, and that only a few would be with me until the very end.

As my family and I enter another New Year with new dreams and aspirations, I thank the year gone by for its priceless lessons and bountiful blessings. As I welcome the New Year with renewed hope and faith, I draw strength and courage from my wonderful husband and my daughters, and my extended family, as they constantly remind me of their unconditional support and love.

My family to yours, here’s wishing everyone a safe and healthy New Year, and hoping that the new year brings more joys than sorrows, and more happiness than sadness, painting the walls of your life, with some priceless memories.