The Dare World of Carly Phillips just keeps getting hotter and hotter. At the same time there is no dearth of deep emotions and human connection as Olivia Dare and Dylan Rhodes rock book#5 of the Dare Series.

My personal favorite is Ian and Riley from her first book “Dare To Love”, but Dylan Rhodes has become my new BFF. Dylan is the Travel Coordinator of the Miami Thunder Football team, and had Olivia Dare in his radar for a while now. His bold display of possessiveness and intent to get her on Olivia’s birthday party sets the tone of their love story. And of course keeping her family’s warnings in mind, and not wanting to give up Olivia a second time, Dylan dares to touch Olivia’s heart.


Olivia Dare is the Executive Director of the Miami Thunder team and working closely with Dylan has created a passion not only for football, but also for the guy himself. Their passion is intense and chemistry sizzling, yet Olivia breaks off with Dylan as her past pain and insecurities take precedence over her feelings for Dylan. But with Dylan clearly stating his intentions, Olivia does not stand a chance of backing off.

With the Pro-ball taking them to Arizona, Dylan and Olivia reconnect, but Dylan’s got a monumental job of breaking down the walls Olivia had erected. And Olivia needs to trust Dylan enough to open her heart to him, and believe in him to take her away from the past pain. Dylan is tenacious and patient and Olivia is scared of her family history becoming a roadblock on her way to the future.

“Dare To Touch” is another scintillating and intense love story of two really beautiful people, just wanting to make a life for themselves. Carly Phillips does a fabulous job of breathing life into Dylan and Olivia, you could hardly see them as fictional characters.

Received an ARC from CP Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.