Rachel Lacey’s second book, “For Keeps” in her Love To Rescue Series keeps you captivated, charmed and amused.

Merry Joy Atwater is one firecracker of a woman who would do anything for the love of animals. Working as a full time nurse, and trying to keep her Triangular Boxer Rescue afloat is no easy task, especially when that bank balance is nada. But Merry is tenacious and is ready to take on the job of a dog trainer at Camp Blue Sky, for the summer, even though the sexy cowboy vet T.J. Jameson is running it.


All T.J Jameson wants is for his autistic nephew and other kids with special needs to get some animal therapy. What he doesn’t anticipate is a spitfire of a woman named Merry to come bouncing into his life with her dogs and making an impact on his life. All he wanted was his nephew to be happy and he ends with fostering a dog that he never even wanted in the first place, considering his frightening experience with dogs

Merry is not into long-term relationships, and T.J is looking for a nice and quiet woman to be his wife. T.J wants an organized life and Merry is just merry and rambunctious. Working on the camp, T.J realizes that Merry is more than what she seems to be. Behind all her hard work and love for children and animals is a lifelong of pain and loss that she burdens her heart. And Merry falls in love with the gentle and loving TJ, as she works with him everyday.

“For Keeps” doesn’t disappoint at all, as it takes Merry and T.J on a roller coaster ride of unpredictable love and pain. Rachel Lacey does another fine job of characterizing Merry and TJ, with layers to their relationship. A simple love story with enough love, laughter, tears and happiness to make it an enchanting read. And it’s wonderful to visit with Cara, and Olivia sure made her mark.

“For Keeps” is definitely for keeps!!!!

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.