Another first in my list of reading new authors and their books, “Touch And Go” by Mira Lyn Kelly is a Dare To Love novel of two best friends crossing the line of friendship into lovers and finally accepting their relationship to make a future together.


Successful and beautiful Ava Meyers had always harbored a secret crush on her childhood friend Sam that only deepened into love as they grew, become adults and living successful lives. Sam had been harboring the same feeling for Ava, but the fear of losing their friendship curtails him from acting on those feelings. But a one-time stand in with Sam as her boyfriend changes the game plan and they fall into a passionate affair to exorcise their feelings for each other and move on with their lives.

As they burn the sheets with their fantasies, the lust between them sizzles into a love that each is afraid to confess. Sam has some hang-ups he needs to overcome, and Ava being the vivacious Ava, confesses her feelings first, sending Sam running in the other direction and feeling deprived of a friendship he values more, not realizing that he actually is in love with Ava.

Mira does a fine job bringing out the feelings and insecurities of Ava and Sam in “Touch And Go.” With good narration and good writing prowess, Mira weaves a sensual story of friendship, love and support that keeps us captivated.

A definite good read!

Received a copy from Random House Publishing – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.