Judy Fennell came as a gift to be read and sure surprised me with her Beefcake and Cupcake partnership – partnership of a hunky, sexy and beefy Gage Tomlinson with the sweet and delectable Lara Cavallo.


All Lara Cavallo wanted was for her business Cavallo Cups And Cakes to reach delicious levels of success, yet she gets sidetracked by the tantalizing Gage, so much so that she doesn’t even remember going to his room with him or what happened that night of Gage himself.

Gage Tomlinson’s main goal is to make his business Beefcake Inc. successful and get the necessary money to help for his nephew’s surgery. As part owner of the exotic dance company, never expected to get thrown for a loop by the melting and hot buttercream of a woman named Lara.

An utterly delicious and surprise package of a read, in the first book of the series, “Beefcake And Cupcakes”you can’t help but fall in love with Gage and Lara. For a first time read of Judi Fennell, she sure caught my attention and went on my list of circling back to her…. for more of her delectable cupcakes and beefy hotness! Good story line, good characterization and a fabulous narration of desire and trust all rolled into a connotation of love and a future filled with happiness and hope.

A definite good read, and I for sure can’t wait to catch up on Judi Fennell’s beefy stories.

Received a copy as a gift for an honest review.