Melody Anne writes some really, really sweet romances with sassy and stubborn heroines and heroes equally stubborn, yet tenacious and protective. Being in the company of your loved one sure brings out the real you, to overcome the insecurities and give your heart the trust and love that it deserves.


Taylor Winchester may be an ass-kicking, motocross rider throwing herself into danger every time she gets on the bike, but she’s still a woman who wants to be loved and cherished for who she is. And that is exactly what Travis wants to do when they end up at a cabin together.

Recovering from a major accident, Taylor is impatient to get back on the bike, and Travis is hell-bent on changing her mind, with his love, trust and protectiveness…. subtle and patient as Taylor is a firecracker of being the independent woman, who wants to prove she can survive in a male dominated sport.

One cabin and one bedroom, two people with a history, fiery passion crackling between them and the possibility of lightening and thunderstorms, Melody Anne gives her readers a spunky, charming and a romantic read as Taylor and Travis wage a battle of wills. Loved Taylor for her stubborn and independent streak, yet when the time comes she’s smart enough to realize what’s important to her. Travis is manipulative and good with easing in options, never dominating or demanding yet giving space to Taylor to make her own decisions is lovable and the perfect gentleman.

“Who I Am With You” is another charming addition to Melody Anne’s legacy of romance and love stories.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold Books via NetGalley for an honest review.