Days, weeks and years go by as the cycle of life takes us on a journey of surprises and amazement. Children grow so quickly as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, normal in its function yet eventfully fascinating from light to dark. And in the normalcy of life, we tend to forget the force that gave us the privilege of breath and nurturing, morals and manners, tradition and respect, personality and individuality…. a Mother, a Wife and a Woman.

From the soft and cuddly maroon giraffe with big black kind eyes that chased away the shadows lurking in the dark to the warm and fuzzy blanket that had seen the wrath of my fingers as I created fuzzy balls with it, you taught me the importance of nurturing and security.


One of the fondest memories of my growing years is the pleasure of you reading mythological stories and reading books. And this has become an addiction to me now as I’ve become a voracious reader. I still remember the shelves of books and the stories you both discussed. You made sure I understood the good and the evil, the black and white with shades of gray, and the importance of humanity, morals and respecting life.

Been part of a large joint-family, traditional yet liberal in certain ways, I cannot forget your independent streak and wanting to give us opportunities you’ve never had. Be it playing badminton at competing levels or dancing our way to performances, you instilled confidence and endurance, strength and courage to leave home and create our own lives.

Over the years we may have agreed to disagree the turn of events, yet you’ve been my biggest supporter and criticizer that had motivated me to learn from my mistakes and make changes. Miles may be separating us, yet you are not far from my thoughts. We may not see each other often enough, yet you are in my vision all the time. We may not talk, email or text, yet you are always in my mind as I welcome each day with you as my guiding light.

I can’t thank you both enough for the lessons of love, pain, patience and kindness you’ve given me over the years. You have taught me to be humble and be comfortable with my perfect imperfections. And you have taught me that a beautiful mind, heart and soul define a mother, wife, friend and a sibling.

Atha Pic-MD2015

Dear Mom and Mom-in-law, you both have made a tremendous impact in my life and I just wanted to say that without you, I don’t think I would be the woman I am today. Even now, I can’t even dream of comparing myself to your powerful personalities and the sacrifices you may have made, but I sure hope that my children feel proud of me as I am, of being your daughter and your daughter-in-law.

Thank you!! Thank you for your trust, for your influence, for your unconditional love and never ending blessings!!!!

A grateful daughter and daughter-in-law with immense love for her mothers!