There are no words to describe Katie Reus’s works except read them, enjoy them and devour them. From paranormal to deadly ops to red-hot security experts, her stories are passionate, steamy and adrenaline pumping reads.

On the path of vengeance, the Brennan sisters Nika and Alena would do anything to bring justice to their slain parents and put a closure to that part of their lives and move on with the new identities. But the road to vengeance is not as easy as they thought and ex-CIA and security expert Declan Gallagher becomes an irresistible bump on the way.


Nika is still trying to come to terms with a gift that was born out of an accident, and Declan as her dream-walker is not making it easy, giving her sleepless nights. With the spirits of the dead and Declan’s protective clock hovering around her, Nika can’t seem to resist the passion and lust that flares between her and Declan, and neither can she ignore the visions that leave her haunted.

With danger and betrayal close to home, Declan would do anything to save Nika to keep her with him forever, and Nika would risk everything to save her sister from death and keep Declan safe, even if she has to sacrifice her love and move far away.

“Retribuiton” is another brilliant stand-alone novel, as Katie Reus weaves a super tight screenplay of evil, passion, betrayal and death. Nika and Declan will leave you with so many warring feelings of helplessness, fear, lust, passion and love that will make you re-visit them again and again. The suspense is tight, the vengeance is justified, the betrayal is cruel and the ending is perfect.

I hope Katie is thinking of stories for Alena, Andre and Declan’s gifted brothers!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.