A super sexy and hot set penned together by some of my favorite writers, “Hot Alphas” will leave you melting and panting for more!

“Erin’s Kiss” leaves ex-marine Tate wanting more and possess Erin forever. Working undercover, CIA operative Erin is on dangerous ground from an unknown enemy and very close to losing her heart to Tate. Intense, passionate and sizzling, Lora Leigh keeps her readers on the edge and captivated.


Jaylene is an independent and feminist, refusing to be commanded by a man. Yet when she meets her hot and nerdy neighbor Noah, her very soul craves the demands and dominance of her guy. “misTaken” by Laurelin McGee takes Jaylene on a path of discovery of herself and the secrets that may end the relationship between her and Noah. Interesting read.

Shiloh Walker is one of my all time favorites and her stories are always intense, dark and seeping in emotions of pain and passion. Ali loves Turk and has forever and she wants more than been friends with benefits. Turk is battling past demons that stop him from committing to Ali and her sons. When Ali puts a break in their relationship, Turk has to decide if Ali’s love is worth letting go of his past pain and forgiveness may be his only salvation. Another story sizzling with deep pain, love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Kate Douglas in “Tangled” leaves Nate and Cassie tangled in a web of instant attraction that burns the sheets, and danger that threatens Cassie’s life. Taking over Tangled Vineyards from Cassie, Nate wants to keep the former wine-maker and owner close to his heart. Kate Douglas weaves a sweet love story with a hint of mystery to keep her readers charmed and captivated.

This set is a definite worthy read.