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A super sexy and hot set penned together by some of my favorite writers, “Hot Alphas” will leave you melting and panting for more!

“Erin’s Kiss” leaves ex-marine Tate wanting more and possess Erin forever. Working undercover, CIA operative Erin is on dangerous ground from an unknown enemy and very close to losing her heart to Tate. Intense, passionate and sizzling, Lora Leigh keeps her readers on the edge and captivated.


Jaylene is an independent and feminist, refusing to be commanded by a man. Yet when she meets her hot and nerdy neighbor Noah, her very soul craves the demands and dominance of her guy. “misTaken” by Laurelin McGee takes Jaylene on a path of discovery of herself and the secrets that may end the relationship between her and Noah. Interesting read.

Shiloh Walker is one of my all time favorites and her stories are always intense, dark and seeping in emotions of pain and passion. Ali loves Turk and has forever and she wants more than been friends with benefits. Turk is battling past demons that stop him from committing to Ali and her sons. When Ali puts a break in their relationship, Turk has to decide if Ali’s love is worth letting go of his past pain and forgiveness may be his only salvation. Another story sizzling with deep pain, love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Kate Douglas in “Tangled” leaves Nate and Cassie tangled in a web of instant attraction that burns the sheets, and danger that threatens Cassie’s life. Taking over Tangled Vineyards from Cassie, Nate wants to keep the former wine-maker and owner close to his heart. Kate Douglas weaves a sweet love story with a hint of mystery to keep her readers charmed and captivated.

This set is a definite worthy read.

Shiloh Walker creates some brilliantly dark and obsessive romantic thrillers that set her readers on the edge with suspense and danger. Secrets & Shadows Series is a saga of people embroiled in an evil that spans generations in the tiny town of Madison; a town that is steeped in secrets and evil hiding in plain sight.

The third book in the series of Secrets and Shadows may very well put to rest the evil and the legacy of abuse that has been a part of Madison for generations. “Darker Than Desire” is a magnetic story of David Sutter (aka Caine Yoder), a man so tormented by an abusive past, that he can’t let the light of love into his heart. Dangerous and hard, David Sutter fears that the legacy of his past is flowing in his veins to accept or embrace the support and love that Sybil Chalmers has been offering for the past ten years.


Raising her nephew and keeping him away from her drug addict sister, Sybil Chalmers is sassy, courageous and one kick-ass lady who can brave any hardship that gets thrown in her face. Loving David for the past ten years, and giving her heart away to him, sure puts her in the way of heartbreak, and David’s past leads her right into the crosshairs of an obsessive killer hell bent on claiming David.

As the evil closes in on him and the residents of Madison, it is left to David to make a decision whether to give up his relationship with Sybil for his past or be strong enough to stay with Sybil and once and for all, put an end to the legacy and evil that’s been haunting Madison and harming the people he’s come to care about.

“Darker Than Desire” is by far the most intense and emotional book of the series, in my opinion. Shiloh Walker did a magnificent job of creating David Sutter, with so much depth and torment that hurts you to the core. His pain is your pain, and his anguish is your anguish. And Sybil is one strong and tenacious lady who fights for her love in the face of danger. Being the voice of reason, her character is created to perfection and the perfect balance to David’s dynamics.

Dark, Intense, Dangerous, Spellbinding and Passionate!!!

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

I’ve always loved Shiloh Walker books especially her psychic novels. In fact her FBI psychic novels were the first of the kind that I’ve read and have been hooked since then.

Her Secrets & Shadows Series is another sinfully dark and dangerous series taking you into the tiny town of Madison, cloaked in dark secrets, overflowing with abuse and torment and trusting a person very well may take you to the doors of death.

The second book in the series, “Sweeter Than Sin”, (first is Deeper Than Need – Noah/Trinity), moves the story further along to Adam and Lana. Mind you, Sweeter Than Sin can be read as a standalone, but it would be so much more meaningful if read in sequence.


Adam runs the only bar in the town of Madison, a torture he endures as he is a recovering alcoholic and hasn’t touched booze for the past fifteen years. He is one tormented guy with a past filled with pain and lot of questions. The anger, the wait, the endurance is what makes Adam a normal human being trying to forget a past that refuses to let go. He runs a secret forum along with Noah to help teenagers with issues and a forum that brings to light some secrets that have been plaguing Madison. If booze is one end of the temptation scale, Lana has been the other end of the scale that he couldn’t ever forget twenty years and wondering if she is alive or dead!

Lana is back in her hometown after twenty years of hiding, to make things right and bring justice to the crimes that have been covered under the dark skies of Madison. As she tries to put together the pieces of her past, the relation she shares with Adam is one that cannot be ignored or denied. Lana’s always been the one to protect her family and friends and would do anything to save a life. If Noah has a special place in her heart twenty years ago, it’s Adam who makes her heart hum and lose herself mind, body and soul.

As Adam and Lana try to make sense of crimes happened twenty years ago, there is a vigilante on the streets killing the plague that has been roaming the streets of Madison. Secrets are being exposed and the masks of some powerful people in Madison are been ripped off…yet there are some left to bring to justice.

A power packed story with passion and suspense riding each page.
Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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