Here’s another entertaining story from the Men Of Zodiac series by Jackie Braun. There are no bells and whistles in “Revenge Best Served Hot”, but we get tons of emotions, courage, grit and the complicated relationships we live with, and two wonderful people who are made for each other.


Brody Flynn is finally wetting out the revenge on the company that was responsible for the death of his parents with a hostile take over and he has big dreams once he sells off the company in pieces. But his dreams never saw Kate Douglass and he’s thrown out for a loop as she has other plans for the company and wants to buy back the Douglass legacy that belongs to her.

Working as the VP of Operations of the company and in close proximity, Kate and Brody explore the sparks that flare between them. Enemies become friends and friends to lovers yet there is an underlying tone of distrust. As they get to know each other, love creeps in and so do insecurities and fears.

I totally loved this book. There was so much charisma and chemistry between Brody and Kate that gives this story that extra sizzle. The narration and progress of their relationship is done well and so is the characterization of Brody and Kate. Jackie Braun is a fabulous writer and I am enjoying her stories more and more.

A definitely entertaining and lovable story.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.