The fourth book in “The Purgatory Series”, Cynthia Eden finally gives us Eric Pate, the devil to reckon. Being the Director of the special FBI Para Unit is no mean task nor is it a bed of roses. Comprising some of the most powerful paranormal with abnormal powers, the Para Unit’s job is to keep the innocent safe and the evil paranormal behind bars in the Purgatory.

Being the Director leaves no room for Eric Pate to neither make mistakes nor lose control of himself. Always on the hunt to contain evil, he would go to any lengths to keep his family safe and his secret buried forever. But then fate brings him face to face with Ella Lancaster, his prisoner, his answer to questions, his downfall and his one and only chance to put closure to a past that haunts him.

DealWithTheDevil-Purgatory4-June 2015

Desperate to break the chains of imprisonment, Ella Lancaster makes a deal with the devil himself to help him in his mission, and at the same time keep her powers a secret. Tortured and starved to harness her powers to keep evil alive, she has a score to settle and a traumatic past to forget. Yet Eric brings out the best in her with a hope for being loved for who she is and protected for life.

As Eric and Ella give into their burning desire, Ella’s past comes striking Eric to the ground and awaking the beast sleeping inside. With powerful magic at play, and Eric in the grips of death, Ella is the only one who is standing between life and death. And will Ella’s gamble of life to save Eric; can she survive to live the future with her mate?

Cynthia Eden needs no introduction and her paranormal stories are just brilliant and fascinating to read. “Deal With The Devil” is a fine art of Eric and Ella. I’ve always admired Eric, his secrets and his control of everything and Cynthia does a stupendous job with his character and his story.

Words can’t do justice to the story and the many questions that rise about humans and paranormal co-existing in the world. Shouldn’t live and let live be the norm of life? At least that’s what Ella hopes for…and so do I.

Received an ARC from Season Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.