This is one of the most fabulous books I’ve read in the very recent times. It’s absolutely captivating, brilliantly entertaining and passionately thrilling and Scarlett Cole as a debut author definitely has become a member of my elite author list.

“The Strongest Steel” is strong in its story, tight with emotions and Harper Connelly and Trent Andrews are one of the most beautiful fictional couples I’ve read and have charmed me with their empathy, courage and love.


Harper Connelly is tattooing her life of scars with the brilliant colors of ink, braving the nightmares and the pain of reliving her traumatic past with the vibrant colors of life. Trent Andrews is a mini celebrity tattoo artist drawn to Harper, her fear, her innocence and her strength to overcome her past. As Trent colors her fear, Harper blossoms into the woman she was once, witty, charming and strong. As Trent falls in love with her, she loses the fear of touch and proximity with strangers.

As Harper and Trent strengthen their relationship, Harper’s past comes pinging and death seems just a message away. But with Trent on her side and friends in strong support, Harper is tired of running and wants to fight for a future that she deserves with Trent.

Scarlett Cole did a brilliant job with her debut novel weaving an incredible story around Harper and Trent. With emotions running deep and love playing its trump card, “The Strongest Steel” is a heartwarming story that showcases Harper’s mettle and Scarlett Cole debuts as strong as steel!

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.