A short and quick read, Caitlin Crews takes on the enigmatic and royal Zair Al Ruyi and the innocent Nora Grant on a ride of danger, corruption and passion in the second book of the Forbidden Series, “The Billionaire’s Innocent”.


A frantic search of her missing best friend lands Nora in the midst of sex trafficking and drugs. Posing as a prostitute, Nora hopes to find her friend, but ends up being escorted by her childhood friend, Zair Al Ruyi, who wants to protect and keep her innocent of the evil that walks the world.

Zair may be royalty, but his royal relatives are in the throes of drug and flesh trafficking and Zair has been covertly aiding in bringing them down. Seeing Nora brings fore the love and lust he had as they were growing up. And now finding her right in the middle of a dangerous situation brings out his protective instincts and desire.

Fast paced, intense and sizzling, “The Billionaire’s Innocent” keeps you quiet entertained and captivated. And Caitlin Crews doesn’t need an introduction as she gives us another passionate read.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review