There’s nothing like reading a Jill Shalvis novel to make me laugh and enjoy the ride along with her sexy and sassy hero and heroine. Cedar Ridge is just so full of the Kincaid clan and infamous history, not to mention the stories they seem to make in the present.


Lily comes back to Cedar Ridge, leaving behind a successful career as a cosmetologist as she gets thrown under the bus of the rich and the famous, a blow to her job. Coming back to Cedar Ridge to assess her situation and rethink her life would have been easy if not for the memories of a past she had left behind ten years ago along with Aiden Kincaid.

Firefighter and rescue worker Aidan Kincaid is famous for leaving broken hearts in his wake, but only one gal matters to him and she is back in town to give him sleepless nights. Dormant passion ignites the hearts and sets them on a path of love and romance. But will it withstand the fears and insecurities of two people, is a chance that they both have to take to make a future.

As always, Jill Shalvis is a pro at weaving a story of humor, love and lust along with the secondary characters jumping in with their take, all in super fun dialogues and witty banter between siblings. With dialogues that make you chuckle, romance that makes us swoon and a passion that makes us root for Aidan and Lily, “Second Chance Summer” is another charming read through and through.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.