Naked Cowboys and Desiree Holt continue to stoke the embers of sexiness and suave as she once again takes us on a visit to Saddle Wells for another hot and sizzling love story.


Andrew Mac McDaniel has only goal in life and that is to bring to justice the guy who was responsible for his twin sister’s death. His quest for justice brings him to Saddle Wells as his final destination to plot his kind of justice. And Saddle Wells and Nadia seem to grow on Mac and this may very well be the place to set roots.

As one of the top realtors for her area, Nadia Beloit has gone through some painful experience that brings her to Saddle Wells to sprout new roots. The citizens of Saddle Wells look out for each other and with a steady group of some amazing women, Nadia makes a life on her terms. Quiet and normal disappear the minute Mac walks in through her door.

With well meaning but matchmaking friends and their blessings, Nadia and Mac succumb to the sparks of attraction and very soon are burning down the walls around their hearts. Another intense, short and captivating read “Naked Heat” makes our hearts race with anticipation. Desiree Hold is damn good with writing novellas that seem to flow seamlessly page after page.

Another short and riveting love story “Naked Heat” has enough sizzle to heat up the sheets!

Received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.