As mentioned in my earlier reviews of this ‘Whiskey River Series’, the Boots and the Blues are sure having their lives turned upside down with the discovery of a new family and the punches the women in their lives sure hit the heart, straight and hard.


Wyatt Kelly may have all the money under the sky, but when it comes to women, he is a one night kind of a guy and when the stirrings of love and attraction seep into his heart, he is as scared as his brothers (and even more so), who finally found love. He may be the CEO of Kelly Boots, but he wants to be the hero of his woman’s heart, Juliette Rossi and that is a monumental task his head refuses to acknowledge.

But Juliette Rossi sends all his vows and determination exactly in the opposite direction – in the direction of actually wanting to make Juliette his very own. Juliette wants nothing more than making the lavender business into the next big thing with her cousin, and Wyatt is just a small speed bump in her life. One night between the sheets sets fire to their attraction and their hearts blazing. But there are insecurities to be atoned, egos to be stoked and fears to overcome.

And this love story definitely goes on a sweet and salty path as Wyatt and Juliette find their homecoming. It really is fascinating to read stories of the same series but written by different authors, yet maintaining the authenticity of the basic foundation, linking characters among their individual stories and keeping the readers captivated.

“One Night With The Tycoon” book three in the series, is penned by Katherine Garbera and what a fine job she does with Wyatt and Juliette. Arrogance, protectiveness and ego Wyatt spars with sassy, sexy and down to earth Juliette. With family support at its teasing best, with brothers coming together in support and understanding, this is one of those sweet stories that leave us wanting more.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.