Miami continues to scorch the reading as the shifters unleash their power and protective fangs on their loved ones. No one threatens the family and no one can betray the realm of the shifters, as they try to keep the peace and help the unsuspecting humans sacrificed to the evil in the name of science.


Paz Cabrera is one such werewolf tortured in the name experiments and survived the brutal experiments of a mad man. A year in captivity has made her tough yet very vulnerable to relationships and trust. But all fears phases out the minute she encounters the realm enforcer, Adam Tucker and she loses her heart. But she has a secret that may be the death of her.

Adam Tucker is on a mission to hunt down a rogue werewolf and brings him to the Lazos Pack, for their help and support. Coming into the folds of the pack also brings him face to face with his mate. With his mission on line and the secrets that Paz seems to harbor, Adam has to choose between his heart and mind.

Book three in the Miami Scorcher series; “Power Unleashed” takes you closer to the power and the solidarity of the Lazos pack. With loyalty and kindness ruling one end, they unleash the warriors within their souls to fight for justice and the innocent. Paz and Adam will keep you interested and the Miami Scorchers will keep the readers captivated as we get to see these powerful wolves finding their soul mates.

And Savannah Stuart does what she does the best – creating amazing fictional heroes who charm the readers off their pants!

Received a copy from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.