Alissa Callen’s new series “Montana Born Rodeo” is another series born out of Montana, the big-hearted cowboys and their stories as they lasso in the women of their dreams. Big skies, people with large hearts, warmth and love in big doses, these stories are just that – warm, lovable and charming. And Alissa Callen does what she’s good at – writing captivating love stories that go straight to the heart.


Kendall Dixon has lived her entire life in Marietta, and she has realized that she’s in a good place. With her dreams of becoming a landscaper on the back burner, she doesn’t let family obligations deter her dreams of becoming one, albeit a degree and she thrives on determination and grit to make her dream come true. With things falling into place, if only her heart would stop wanting that one cowboy who had left her body and taken her heart forever. But looks like fate has a different story lined up for Dell as circumstances bring back her lost cowboy Brent Ashton back to Marietta.

Brent had always loved and will love Kendall. Not wanting to hold back Kendall from her dreams and aspirations, circumstances and Brent make a decision to leave Marietta. But now with his mother’s health at stake, Brent comes back to take care of her and realizes that his heart still beats for Kendall. As he works to fix the ranch and his homestead, he hopes to mend the fences of his lost love and Kendall is more than willing to give her cowboy a second chance.

Short, sweet and utterly charming, Alissa Callen weaves another story of love, romance and second chances, as she brings the characters of Marietta together. It’s nice reading a series, yet not having to read them in a sequence. With interesting family dynamics and supporting characters, “Hold Me Cowboy” is a nice reading pleasure.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.