Ryker Evans has a lot riding for him as the top-notch goalie of the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team. He’s hot on ice, his numbers are off the chart and his passion for the new General Manager of the team seems to fire the ice in the rink. Despite of a marriage gone down the drain, Ryker is in a happy place with the custody of his adorable daughters and at the pinnacle of his career. He is just one of those guys with a glass half full, enjoying the small pleasures in life and grateful for little things thrown his way.


As the first woman General Manager of a national league hockey team, Gray Brannon has her job cut out for her, to prove her worth and her management skills in keeping the team together to win the Stanley Cup. She’s no wall flower with her immense experience as an Olympic hockey gold medalist and her educational qualifications and numbers strategy seem to keep the men at bay. Sawyer Bennett did a stupendous job of giving Gray just the right doses of being a woman in a testosterone rink, yet enough courage and confidence to believe in her ability to succeed in a man’s world.

Two wonderfully beautiful people, skilled in their professions, confident in their love and trusting each other with their hearts, Ryker and Gray have a sizzling relationship that fires the heart and the ice. A fabulous continuation of the Cold Fury Series, Sawyer Bennett sure puts her heart and soul into the key players of this series. I love her attention to details, her insight into the tiny nuances of relationships, the importance of family, support and friendship.

Another captivating stand alone read, as Ryker and Gray battle the boundaries of a relationship between an employee and employer, and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other, with respect and love, no questions asked!

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