Christmas is the season of giving and cheer, it is the season of love and romance and it is the season of family, friends and miracles. And this the season that brings out utterly delicious love stories from some of my favorite writers…and heading that list for me is Melanie Shawn.


Their surprise release, “Christmas Wish” is just that – a delightful read of new relationships, new beginnings and a miracle that gives a mother and her disabled a daughter a fairy tale of a life.

Kyle Austen Reed is the typical handsome devil of a guy, a movie star with a big heart. And is all smitten with in-trouble-mother Aurora Rose. As goofy and hilarious Kyle was in the previous stories, he’s just too adorable not to fall in love.

Aurora Rose is just a firecracker of a mother, with the world falling apart, her entire focus is her daughter and her daughter’s happiness. Two individuals attracted to each other and throw in a daughter with an amazing talent for blogging and just making everyone around her laugh and fall in love with her positivity and courage.

A fairy tale of wishes coming true, of keeping that faith and hope for better things, of courage and miracles, of emotions and insecurities, “Christmas Wish” gives the readers a miracle of a read.

Irresistible, Endearing and Lovable!!!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.