I don’t think any reviews would do justice to Erin Nicholas or Jennifer Bernard for their writing prowess. Unless their books are read, the full impact of humor, passion, romance or their characters can never be understood or enjoyed to the fullest.

“Getting Wound Up” is a crossover romance written by Erin Nicholas and Jennifer Bernard stretching from Sapphire Falls to the Love Between The Bases Series, just as witty, emotional and romantic. And it’s written in a three-part book.


Eli Anderson put his dream of becoming a baseball player on the back burner to help his father run their hardware store after his stroke. Caitlyn Murray wants to make sure Eli gets his turn on the mound, no matter what. With all good intentions, with family and friends in support, Eli heads off to make his dream come true, but he wants Caitlyn more than anything.

And so starts the tryst with baseball, with his heart missing Caitlyn and Caitlyn being the ever-supportive girlfriend. “Getting Wound Up” is so much more than just a romance. The choices and circumstances that lead to actions affecting loved ones, as Caitlyn and her brother come to terms with the changes in their lives. As Eli gets past his fears and insecurities, he is yet to make a decision whether baseball is his life or Caitlyn is his forever.

There is no dearth of emotions as everyone try to move past their fears and insecurities. Yet amidst all this is the circle of friendship and family, support and love that gives strength and courage to move forward.

Erin’s Sapphire Falls Series is a brilliant set of love stories – magical, charming and dazzling! Now if Erin Nicholas has our hearts “Getting Out Of Hand”, our libidos “Getting Worked Up”, with minds “Getting Dirty”, imagination “Getting It All”, and readers “Getting Lucky”, I don’t think we can ever be “Getting Over It” – this fascination for Sapphire Falls and it’s citizens!

And getting “Caught By…” Caleb to “Drive You Wild” to revisit Jennifer Bernard’s hot alphas between the bases only tingles “All Of Me” – and these two writing a romance together is a riot!