Laura Griffin’s new Alpha Crew series starts off with a bang and a crash, leaving the readers “At The Edge” (Part 1), of a precipice as Emma Wright and Ralph Owen try to survive the dangers of the Philippines jungle as well as the guns that seem to chase them.AtTheEdge-AlphaCrew#1-Part1-LauraGriffin-Mar2016


In the first part, Emma survives her plane crash and is rescued by the secret and special elite Alpha Crew. But as she tries to uncover the conspiracy within the forces, Emma ends up in the path of danger. Partnering with Ralph brings them closer to heart, yet at the same time they come close to the edge of death as part one leaves us with a cliffhanger as Emma is kidnapped.

“Edge Of Surrender”, part 2 has Ralph and his teammates racing against time to save Emma from the jaws of death and bring out the main perpetrator responsible for the plane crash and the death of Emma’s boss.


Laura Griffin doesn’t disappoint her readers as she takes us on a ride of danger and spine chilling race of a lifetime to save innocent people. Thrilling, captivating and adrenaline pumping, Edge Of Surrender is a race of a lifetime for Ralph and Emma if they can survive death to make a future together.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley for an honest review.