Samantha Chase started off her new series “The Shaughnessy Brothers” with a bang as the first Shaughnessy brother Aidan finds his forever with Zoe in “Made For Us”. And “Love Walks In” right into Hugh Shaughnessy’s heart and he had no ammunition to fight his feelings for Aubrey Burke.


Hugh Shaughnessy lives by rules, schedules and itineraries that have no room for changes nor does he let time slip his control. He can’t handle change nor does he see the benefit of others not respecting time and schedules. And for this Shaughnessy, Aubrey Burke is an uncontrollable and unpredictable dilemma that makes him question his attitude. She lives on instinct, thrives on making personal connections and time and schedules are not on her list of living her life. She is a bane to his sanity and he is sexy trouble on a watch for Aubrey.

There’s plenty of humor and passion, charm and dazzle, but what stands out for me in “Love Walks In”, is Samantha’s prowess of setting Hugh apart from his brother Aidan. Each sibling molds to the loss of their mother in different ways. Guilt and responsibility makes them create lives that they now in live, with a hope to atone the guilt of being responsible for her death. Each character has been caricatured with so much detail and dynamics that reading their stories is pure pleasure.

Just as “Love Walks In” for Hugh and Aubrey, they walk right into my heart as one of the sweetest couples that would be on my favorite list.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.