Samantha Chase seems to be traveling all over the map from Hope Falls to Sapphire Falls, weaving her romance and love as she takes her readers into small towns where warmth, support and friendship is regarded with high respect and everyone looks out for everyone, never mind if you are a newbie in the town.


And who can vouch for all that better than Chloe Holland. Leaving a life of betrayal behind to start fresh, finding herself stranded on the deserted roads of Nebraska was not in her plan and neither was getting rescued by the charming Dylan Maxwell! But then gods of nature seem to have a different plan for Chloe and Dylan, and bringing them under one roof is reason enough to explore the lightening that struck their hearts.

As Dylan fixes her car, Chloe’s hurt seems to be on the mend too. As Chloe starts falling for the charm of Sapphire Falls, Dylan loses his heart to Chloe and hope springs in Chloe’s heart for a fresh start with Dylan. With the entire town of Sapphire Falls behind them, Dylan and Chloe just fit perfectly with each other and life’s finally going their way.

“Going My Way” is another short and sweet love story, that brings to light there are good people in this world with kind hearts; that friendship and family is laced with honesty, integrity and care. With so many tender moments of love and care, dialogues that bring chuckles, and actions that keep our faith in humanity, “Going My Way” has definitely gone all the way to my heart as another charismatic read from Samantha Chase.

Received an ARC for an honest review.