Catherine Bybee is one of the most beautiful and entertaining writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading and re-visiting several times. Her new series “The Most Likely To” series stars three childhood friends and their lives, as life takes them on different paths, and yet they all come to a crossroads where they converge and support each other through the touch times. Sometimes, friends are all the family we need, as Bybee says.


The pioneer of her new series, “Doing It Over” brings Melanie Bartlett back home to River Bend, along with her seven year daughter to do just that – do her life over leaving a bad and obsessive relationship behind. Coming home to her childhood friends Jo and Zoe is a safe haven as she regroups and tries to build a new life. Meeting the resident building contractor Wyatt Gibson is an added motivation and support of her new beginnings.

Catherine Bybee has an amazing talent of interlacing romance, suspense and danger that the narration flows as smooth as silk. Melanie and Wyatt have been caricatured to perfection – independent, stubborn, courageous and protective. Hope as the adorable, mature and spunky seven year old reminded me of my younger daughter! Miss. Gina as the kickass owner of Miss. Gina’s Bed-And-Breakfast is a reading riot and will be a standing fixture in this series for sure.

Another charming and captivating read from the effervescent Catherine Bybee!!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.