“Deep Dark” the next Tracers in Laura Griffin’s series takes the readers into the deep dark of cyber of matchmaking sites and killing of young women accessing these sites. It also brings elite hacker Laney Knox back into the sights of Special Agent Reed Novak, as they get drawn into solving these murders together.


Having survived a murder attempt two years ago, same as the ones happening currently, Laney knows that her killer had returned. Working as a hacker at the Delphi Center keeps her grounded and gives her a motivation to help save lives. But stepping out of her comfort zone, and helping Reed bring down the killer stokes her attraction as they work together. Reed tries his best to keep his distance from Laney, but when she gets into the crosshairs of the killer, all bets are off and he would give his life to keep Laney safe.

Book ten of the series, “Deep Dark”, sends the readers on another adrenaline and dangerous ride as Laney and Knox race against time to catch a serial killer. Laura Griffin does what she’s good at – writing some brilliant thrillers and this is no different. She keeps the fast pace going, the romance is sublime and captivating and the suspense is lasts until the last page of the book.

A definite read and a collection to the library and is always wonderful catching up on the past characters when they make an appearance in the following stories.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley for an honest review.