Brenda Novak’s “Whiskey Creek Series” has been and is one of the most coveted reads, full of small town charm. Residents with warmth and support fill Whiskey Creek. There are stories of romance and love to be told, regrets and redemptions to be faced and support and friendships to be fulfilled.


The Amos brothers have had it rough with a father coming out of prison and taking residence with them. Yet they have managed to beat odds to make a positive life for themselves. And they have found love to keep them in line and give them a purpose to life.

“Discovering You” is a revelation of attraction between Rod Amos and India Sommers. They share a similar past of wild life and insecurities that seem to forge a bond between them. India Sommers moves to Whiskey Creek to make a fresh start for herself and her daughter. Rod Amos is working hard to leave behind a tragic past and move past the judging eyes of the town.

Two lost souls come together to test the waters of attraction, two people want to protect each other from their painful pasts, and two wonderful people will do anything to make sure no one gets hurt.

“Discovering You” is another wonderful story of love and caring, family and loyalty, support and solidarity. And Brenda Novak gives India and Rod another chance at love and redemption as they overcome the dangers of the past and put behind the guilt to look forward to a future together.