Kendra Elliot is on the fast lane of being a brilliant writer of thrillers and each one surpasses the last one she had penned. Book 4 of her Callahan and McLane Series, “Targeted” takes the readers on a ride of hatred and revenge as a mask of evil covers the law enforcement.

An all-men vacation of some members of the OSO ends in the gruesome murder of their Captain, Danny Schefte, leaving Mason Callahan and the rest of the team reeling with shock and disbelief of the heinous kill. As more bodies are found, FBI steps in along with Ava McLane and the search and clues lead to Mason being the target. And Ava has her job cut out trying to save the love of her life and deal with personal revelations of a past her mother had kept secret.


More than the suspense and the ultimate bagging of the perpetrator, what always captivates me is the brilliant plotting of the story by Kendra. Be it professional or personal, emotional or sentimental, dramatic or intriguing, her attention to detail is flawless, narration is gripping and the dialogues and action have the perfect impact on the reader.

“Mason’s heart jumped as Ava stepped out of the her vehicle…her low voice that always set his stomach aflutter. Fluttering in a masculine way.”

I just love the way Kendra has made sure that every book of the series shows progress in Mason’s and Ava’s journey. The talk between Zander and Ava is beautifully penned with care and support and this would remain as one of my most unforgettable moments of a beautiful friendship. Ava and Mason’s confidence in each other and their solidarity are in full bloom as they deal with Ava’s psychotic sister. And Ava’s face to face with a past that she’s totally unaware of is a brilliant left field knockout!

“Targeted” is a perfect combination of romance and love, suspense and thrill, support and friendship that targets your heart with the satisfaction of reading a well-written novel.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.