No words can truly express

The moments of tender caress

No thoughts can truly grasp

Love so strong in its clasp


Bits of shared conversations

Laying ground to solid foundations

Talks of sports, ball games ‘n fame

Discussions intense fan the flames


Lectures, pep talks ‘n more

Reminders, schedules ‘n chores

Drop offs, pick-ups ‘n dates

Patience ‘n indulgence in traits


Thank you for your sweet hugs

Pats, praises and snugs

Your enticing spicy noodles

And patience in oodles


Charming as a Silver fox

Husband who rolls n’ rocks

Devoted, strong ‘n parfait

Heroes strong show the way

Selfless n’ gentle all the way


To all those courageous, hardworking and amazing men, Dads, Grandfathers, Guardians and others…

A Very Happy Father’s Day!