I finally caught up with Marina Adair’s romances and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed them and she has become a permanent fixture in my library of authors. “The Eastons” is a brand new series from her kitty and we get to read the trials and tribulations of these siblings as they manage the course of heartache and love.

Starting off the chase in this series is “Chasing I Do”, as the Easton sibling Gage Easton has the daunting task of making the wedding arrangements for his client/brother and surprise, surprise takes him right to the door step of his late brother’s fiancé, Darcy Kincaid, owner and planner of the venue. Regret and guilt have him question the arrangement, but friendship, attraction and redemption keeps him in Darcy’s eyesight. And shock and surprise at finding the little four-year angel right next to Darcy seals his fate.


Darcy Kincaid was brave enough to run away from a marriage that could have been a mistake laced with betrayal and pain. Yet she believes in happy endings that had made her a successful wedding planner. The responsibility of a baby gives her the courage to single-mindedly and single-handedly make a fresh life for them, without depending on anyone. Coming face to face with Gage was not on her agenda, yet seeing him brings back the pain of loss and what once could have been hers.

With family dynamics, truths untold and the unexplored attraction between Gage and Darcy lighting a match, “Chasing I Do” makes one captivating and an emotional read. I’ve cried a few times as I followed Darcy to her happy ending, praised Gage for his relentless pursuit for the truth and his support for Darcy, the loyalty between the siblings and second chances of finding a large family.

Marina Adair penned a heartwarming story so full of love and care, good people and friends, courage and strength to make choices in life, and grabbing those second chances with faith and hope, you can’t but help fall in love with Darcy and Gage. She did a brilliant job of choreographing the emotions in the right place at the right time.

A great start to another fabulous series I’m sure of and a great addition to the library.

Received a gift from the author via Amazon for an honest review.