The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus is one of my top favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift-kind of books, and I’ve revisited times innumerable, utterly captivating, intense and full of passion and danger.


“Love Thy Enemy” is another intense and passionate love story bringing Dominique Castle into the sight of Viktor Ivanov. Employed with Red Stone Security and under their family circle, Dominique is making a new life leaving a painful past; a past that is connected to Viktor’s father and a past that gives caution to her fluttering heart when she sees Viktor.

Viktor and his brother Abram have toiled night and day to erase the past of evil that connects them. Working hard to make sure their lives and business are legitimate, they have come long ways in reaching the pinnacle of success with sheer determination. And that determination is what Viktor is fielding to get close to Dominique and prove that his present is as good as it can get.

As attraction flares, so does danger that puts Dominique in the crosshairs of a past that lost everything and wants to avenge by taking away the love that Viktor has by his side. As Viktor moves heaven and earth to keep Dominique safe, Abram gets his own story as he falls in love with Lucy, Viktor’s assistant.

Another wonderful love story, and I just loved Viktor; maybe because I believe in second chances and we become what we are depending on our circumstances and not so much of blood relations and Viktor sets that example. The relationship between brothers is solid and loved their dynamics.

“Love Thy Enemy” is a quick and a really, really captivating story and the cover is gorgeous!!!!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.