For the uninitiated, Samantha Chase started off her new series “The Shaughnessy Brothers” with “Made For Us” (Aidan and Zoe), “Love Walks In” (Hugh and Aubrey), and now the third Shaughnessy brother Quinn sure takes his own sweet time trying to come to grips as to what’s been staring in his face all this time.


Quinn Shaughnessy will make you want to shake some sense into him, he can be an idiot where Anna is concerned, you want to smack him when he makes decisions for Anna and you want to love him for his heart made of gold. He sure made Anna Hannigan wait a few years before he finally comes to his sense and declares to the world that she’s “Always My Girl”.

Anna Hannigan, the ever-sweet girl of his who can never say no, always at his side rain or shine and friends of the heart, has literally pined for Quinn for her entire life. Coming out of her shell and trying to live life outside of Quinn doesn’t seem to work in her favor. And when they do finally become a couple, their relationship is not short of fireworks, as they try to navigate the transition from friends to lovers.

Like every love story, Quinn and Anna have a lot of baggage to shed, insecurities to overcome, and fears of failure to conquer. Again, Samantha Chase does a wonderful job of setting Quinn apart from his brothers, with his own characterization and individuality, his weaknesses and strengths and his equation with his Dad. And again she does a brilliant job of interweaving the dynamics of the Shaughnessys, as they stand together in support in their varied degrees.

“Always My Girl” is another wonderful story of love and care, support and strength, friendship and family, that not only gives us a warm romance, but also gives us an insight into different personalities and the dynamics of a large and caring family.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.